NAVEX-logo-2019.pngSHRM’s interactive compliance courses, presented in partnership with NAVEX Global, are designed to help managers and employees:

  • Understand and comply with laws, regulations and policies.
  • Prevent and mitigate violations.
  • Help your organization avoid costly fines and penalties.

Implement, enhance or improve the effectiveness of your organization's compliance training program by enrolling your employees.

Why is it important to implement an effective, high quality training program? Find out.

 NEW!  Workplace Harassment Training meets requirements in California, New York, Delaware and Maine and has been updated to address the most pressing and challenging issues in today's workplace including:

  • Harassment fundamentals
  • Protected categories
  • Your role in preventing harassment
  • Responding to complaints
  • Managing complaints
  • How to avoid retaliation 
  • Handling complaints against a manager
  • Monitoring workplace/culture
  • National origin harassment

 Available for Employees and Managers, in both English and Spanish!

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Also available: Training courses on Discrimination-Free Workplace, Disability Discrimination and Accommodation, Ethics & Code of Conduct, Union Awareness, Whistleblowing and more.

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