NAVEX-logo-2019.pngSHRM’s interactive compliance courses, presented in partnership with NAVEX Global, are designed to help managers and employees:

  • Understand and comply with laws, regulations and policies.
  • Prevent and mitigate violations.
  • Help your organization avoid costly fines and penalties.

Implement, enhance or improve the effectiveness of your organization's compliance training program by enrolling your employees.

Why is it important to implement an effective, high quality training program? Find out.

 NEW!  The new Ethics & Code of Conduct course is a critical tool for organizations serious about cultivating and maintaining an ethical workplace. This course is a must for any organization looking to train beyond rule-giving to a true Code of Conduct training experience. Provide all your employees with engaging, high quality Code of Conduct training.

Key concepts covered in this course:

  • The importance of integrity
  • Examples of workplace violence
  • Non-retaliation policy
  • Gifts and bribes
  • Working with third parties
  • Improper agreements
  • Types of confidential information
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Key fraud-prevention techniques
  • Examples of bullying and mobbing
  • Avoiding political/organizational conflicts
  • Best practices for proper asset storage
  • Rules for responding to media/public

 Available for Employees and Managers, in both English and Spanish!

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Also available: Training courses on Workplace Harassment, Discrimination-Free Workplace, Disability Discrimination and Accommodation, Union Awareness, Whistleblowing and more.

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